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The Living Death (Excerpt)

A few words from the matter

Nowadays, there are about 4 million people living with leprosy and its consequences around the globe.

I am one of them.

My name is Evelyne Leandro. I am Brazilian and I live in Berlin since 2010. After 2 years here (2012), I was hit by leprosy and writing a diary about my daily fight against this biblical disease was essential to my treatment and healing processes.

After a lot of thinking, and moved by my will to help and sensitize people about leprosy, I decided to publish my diary as a book (while also questioning if I wanted to link my face and name to this stigmatized condition). The lack of knowledge leads to a lot of prejudice and social isolation, no matter if in areas in which poverty and its respective related diseases still exists or in societies more economically enlighted.

This publishing has the intention to drive people’ attention to this long forgotten disease – seen as a biblical and medieval disease by the common sense, but still present and real nowadays, especially in leprosy’ patients everyday lives.

In addition, the support given by the German Leprosy Relief Associaton (DAHW) in Würzburg and the Ciomal Foundation (CIOMAL) in Genebra also contributed a lot in my decision.

This way, I ask your help in this hard task of raising awareness about leprosy. People need to turn their heads towards neglected diseases and you can help me by sharing this topic’ relevance – and my website link – with friends, colleagues, neighbors. We can bring back this debate on social medias as well as in our daily lives.

I appreciate your support and help,

Evelyne Leandro