The Author

Evelyne Leandro

I was born in 1981 in Paraná (South Brazil). At the age of 3, I moved with my parents to a small country town in Bahia. Despite the simple and modest life we had, my childhood was happy and cared by my lovely parents – and with the company of a naughty little brother. Sometimes, the long distance between places in Brazil got my father far away from me, as since that time he works as a truck driver. By lucky or by a fate’s trick, my mother was kind of the opposite: she owned a hair & beauty salon and worked as a hair stylist just next door. I was raised observing my parents working hard and receiving less than they should. But that also means I was raised watching their wonderful example of how to make amazing things out of the minimum.  They fulfilled all of our needs with hard working, sacrifices, and creativity.

By the time I was 9, I started studying at a city nearby, something about 30km away from home. I kept studying there even after I was 18: that was when I got approved in a State University – public universities are the best in Brazil, so that was a memorable achievement. I studied Business and Administration for 5 years:  working in the mornings, studying at night. It wasn’t an easy job, but it worth my dreamed degree. After a while, I did a Specialization in Marketing.

Time passed, and at the age of 22 I met a German volunteer that had lived in Brazil for years and due to that spoke a very clear Portuguese – almost perfect accent – and an even better German. These days, I call him my husband. Besides his duties as a husband, he is a father, a teacher, and my adorable and kind translator.

I moved to Germany in 2010. I learned this not so new language, I made friends from various nationalities and cultural backgrounds, and I started working in my wanted field. Life was good: I had a lovely husband, my dream job, and I lived in an amazing city. Oh, Berlin!

“Berlin, my so beloved Berlin!” – It was love by the first step!

In 2012 I had to stop my life for two years due to leprosy. Nowadays, after overcoming the difficulties and misfortunes, I work as a Project manager in several Social Organizations.